$52 Million 2013 Tax Room

Dear Residents of Ward 12 and Calgary,

I have been receiving inquiries, comments and in some cases uninformed conclusions concerning my stance on the 52 million not requested by the provincial taxes.  Please refer to the links and media articles referencing past council votes over the past number of weeks.

Original discussion and Council vote April 22, 2013 -


Media Articles-
Calgary Sun Thursday, April 18th
Calgary Sun Monday April 22-
Calgary Sun Friday May 3-
Calgary Sun Tuesday, June 11th
Calgary Herald Friday, May 17th


I solidly agree that Ward 12 is in desperate need of Transit.  If I could guarantee that all of the 52 million would be spent on the SETWAY following my comments above, I would have supported that cause wholeheartedly.

However, in absence of an acceptable process and procedure on how council chooses to absorb taxes left by the Provincial Government, I cannot support a topic which leaves the residents of Calgary out of the loop.  

I am but one vote out of fifteen, I can raise the issues verbally and vocally however, when votes are cast and tallied the majority passes or defeats a motion of council.

We cannot control the content or the lack of individual stances within media reports.  I hope this clarifies my stance on the issue and I welcome any additional inquiries that the residents of Calgary may have. 


Councillor Shane Keating Ward 12